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Animal Mutilations and Sasquatch Sightings
  Missouri MUFON investigates animal mutilations and Sasquatch sightings because they could be related to UFOs.  If you know of any cases that should be reported please send an e-mail to 
See the latest reports at

Kansas City Area ET Experiencers Group 
(not affiliated with any UFO association)
Meets on the Fourth Tuesday of every month 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Only UFO ET Experiencers/contactees may participate
Contact: Megan Monroe, MSW, MCSW, group facilitator at
Please RSVP to Megan at 816-435-2829 and leave a message if you are interested in joining.
This is not group therapy - just a safe place to discuss your own personal contacts with Extra-terrestrials.
Anyone who believes they are a contactee, abductee, or has had communication with ETs may attend but
needs permission from Megan first.  A short screening process ensures the privacy of the group. 
No press or public allowed. You must live in the greater Kansas City area in order to participate. 


Therapy for Abductees
MUFON now has a list of approved therapists for people who need help dealing with the abduction phenomenon.  Megan Monroe, MSW, MCSW, is an officially approved licensed therapist and group facilitator who is available for private therapy.  She does take insurance. Please contact Megan at 816-435-2829 for more information.


In Memorium
Jack J. Hubbell was born January 3,1941 in Flint Hollar, Missouri to Guy and Elva Hubbell. Jack was proud of his service in the United States Army Reserves. Jack's legacy lives on atHubbell Mechanical Supply, the business he founded in 1970. An avid outdoorsman and skilled hunter, Jack departed this earth November 11, 2013 on the land that he loved. Jack is survived by daughters Sharla Hubbell and Shana Hubbell, son Declan Hubbell,wife Trish, a grandson Preston and his soul mate Shirley Hubbell.  You always knew where you stood with Jack Hubbell. His forthrightness will be missed.  Missouri MUFON will greatly miss Jack, who was a field investigator for the organization.

Michelle Hickmon was a scientist working with Missouri and Kansas MUFON on animal mutilations and training us in examinations and    autopsies. Michelle passed away on December 9, 2014. She had a number of UFO sightings an close encounters. Michelle held a BLA in Liberal Arts from UMKC, an MA in Secondary Education and Teaching, and an Associates Degree in Mortuary Science. She worked as a teacher, counselor, and as a pathologist assistant at Truman Medical Center. Michelle will be greatly missed.

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Animal Mutilations
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