Missouri Mutual UFO Network

Contact Info

File your sighting report at www.mufon.com, then an investigator will be assigned
the case and will contact you.  Missouri investigators no longer take new cases by phone.

State Contact Information

Note: The official contacts for law enforcement and media are Debbie Ziegelmeyer and Margie Kay.
We will investigate UFO sightings and landings with the proper equipment and methods.
 Please treat the area as a crime scene and do not contaminate evidence.

Missouri State Director:
Debbie Ziegelmeyer

Director of the International MUFON Dive Team
MUFON Board of Directors
Star Team Investigator
E-mail: mufondiver@gmail.com

Assistant State Director:
Newsletter editor/webmaster/chat list coordinator 
Margie Kay

Star Team Investigator
816-833-1602 Answering machine (Leave a message and Margie will call you back)
E-mail: margiekay06@yahoo.com

Chief Investigator:
 Joe Palermo 
Chief Investigator
Star Team Investigator
E-mail: jlp19581976@hotmail.com


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Section Director for St. Charles: Bruce Widamen
E-mail: Bwidamen@sbcglobal.net

Section Director for Columbia: Charles Frieden

 Section Director for Springfield: Jack Hubble

Section Director for 
Emmett Reary

We have a large number of books and DVD's available for check out by KC MUFON members at no charge.
 Just contact Steve and he'll bring your items to the next meeting.


State Field Investigators:

Debbie Ziegelmeyer: Imperial 2001 Star Team
Margie Kay: Kansas City 2008 Star Team
Joseph Palermo,Chief Investigator, St. Louis 2012  Star Team
Jim Lambert: Chesterfield
Don Dixon: Springfield 2010
Stan Seba: Lawrence Kansas and KC MO area 2011 Star Team
Emmett Reary: Salem 9/25/2005

Jim Johnson: Kansas City 1/4/2009
Larry Jordan: Kansas and KC MO area April 2012 Star Team
Michael Bohrer: Foley 7/22/2008
Jack Hubbell: Springfield 3/12/2010
David Rapp: Chesterfield 2/23/1990
Sally Stever: Hawk Point 3/3/2010
Dawn Vohsen: Maryland Heights 3/23/2000
Gary Wheeler: St. Louis 2/11/1997
Bruce Widaman: St. Charles 4/21/1983
Kirk Wynns: Exeter 6/8/1992
  Jean Walker: Raytown 2012
Charles Frieden, 2014 Star Team
Lynn Mann, Farmington 2014 Star Team
Bill Faaborg; Sedalia 2014
William Chapman, Sedalia, 2014
John Cruzan: Joplin 2014

  International MUFON website: www.mufon.com

Kansas MUFON

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  The chat list is our method of communication for events and future newsletters.
Missouri MUFON is also on Facebook

KC ET Experiencers Group
 (not affiliated with any UFO association)
 Meets on the Fourth Tuesday of every month 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
 Only UFO ET Experiencers/contactees may participate. 
A short screening interview will be completed by Megan before being accepted into the group.  This is a private meeting.
 This is not group therapy - just a safe place to discuss your own personal contacts with Extra-terrestrials.
People who believe they are a contactee, abductee, or has had communication with ETs are members. No press or public allowed. 
 Contact: Megan Monroe, group facilitator MMonroeMSW@kc.rr.com
Please RSVP to Megan at 816-435-2829 and leave a message if you want to attend.

Note: those wishing to have private therapy should contact Megan privately to arrange for treatment with her. 
She does take insurance.

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