About the Speakers

Margie Kay

​​Note: Previously scheduled speakers Kim Carlsberg and Michael Gerloff will be unable to present at this conference due to illness. 

Joe Palermo

Topic: Alien/Human Communication

Joe's presentation centers on his personal experiences with what's been identified as alien possession/communication.  He will present facts of a current situation he's involved with that includes an actual phone call he received from the alien periodically taking possession of a friend of his.

Joe Palermo has been a paranormal investigator since 1973 (calls himself a "para-nor-mol-ogist") and covers what he terms "alien-ology", cryptozoology (including the Chupacabras [which led to him being on Monsterquest, Paranatural and Monsters and Mysteries In America] and Sasquatch) and the "spirit world."  His formal education in mass communications at the Lindenwood Colleges of the 1970's, martial arts and metaphysical training and experience make for a strong foundation that supports his current position as Chief Investigator for Missouri MUFON.

Gary Hart

Topic: Strange Events at a Crystal Mine

​Gary Hart has been travelling the country for more than 30 years doing investigative research to find and study locations with a higher frequency of reported sightings of UFOs, Sasquatch and paranormal phenomena. Within the last few years his research has focused on activity reported in the midwest with a special focus on Missouri where he has identified the mechanism behind a wide range of phenomena that may involve the majority of anomalous phenomena everywhere. Through this research Gary and his wife have established a close relationship with members of a Sasquatch clan. Advancing research in these areas from hypothesis to proof has allowed new and unexpected conclusions to be drawn – something rarely found in the anomaly research community. At this conference Gary will talk about his recent experiences with Sasquatch at the Board Camp Crystal Mine location in Arkansas. He will also present documented evidence of his pseudostar sighting in Missouri in the fall of 2015. This sighting reveals evidence that intelligently controlled, personally focused objects have been flying in our skies for many years, perhaps millennia, with the seeming sole purpose being to get our attention.

Dr. Emmett Reary

Topic: Bigfoot, Cryptids, and UFOs


Dr. Emmett Reary has been a practicing Chiropractor since 1976.  He graduated from Logan Chiropractic College in the St.Louis area.  A UFO experience in 1964 changed his life and took him on a course to learn all he could about extraterrestrials.  He joined MUFON in 2003.  He is presently a Star Team Member and a State Section Director that covers 19 counties beginning at latitude 37 and extends down to Arkansas.  Besides doing investigations for MUFON he has also done hundreds of private investigations including animal mutilations, UFO's, giant birds and insects, portals, ghosts, and other anomalous events.  Dr. Reary and fellow researcher Gary Hart are presently working on a scientific hypothesis for the existence of portals and intelligences coming here from other dimensions and realities that would help explain all the paranormal activity that occurs around latitude 37.  This is a talk you do not want to miss.

Jean Walker

Debbie Ziegelmeyer

Topic: Two Women and a Map:Strange encounters on the road with Margie Kay and Jean Walker. The two women will present their own paranormal and ET encounters and the Joplin Spook Light, Cryptid creatures, UFO's, Men in Black, FBI surveillance, and a disappearing extraterrestrial while doing investigations in the state of Missouri. 

Bio: Jean Marie (Myers) Walker was born in Kansas City, Missouri and now resides in Raytown, Missouri.  Jean is a MUFON Star-Team Field Investigator, speaker, and educator. Jean is the author of Family Secrets, which is a compilation of her family's strange paranormal encounters and events which include sightings of fairies, ET's, and ghosts, and include missing time and other unexplained phenomena at her homes. 

She is also Section Director and Secretary for the  Kansas City Chapter of Missouri MUFON, and has investigated many cases in Missouri. Jean’s great-grandmother was a well-known psychic in the Kansas City area, and Jean has followed through with many of her grandmother’s traits. Jean is an educator who taught middle school Science for the Kansas City, Missouri School District. She has a BA from Central Missouri State University in Elementary Education with Middle School Certification, Science, and Language Arts. She has a Master’s in Education and Computers from Webster University in Kansas City, Missouri. 

After teaching Science for almost 20 years Jean is now retired. In retirement, she finally has the time to follow up on a lifetime of strange experiences. Jean became a MUFON Field Investigator in 2011. She is working diligently trying to help find out what is going on in our universe and here on Earth. In this book, Jean has been able to put into writing many of her lifetime experiences with UFOs and alien abductions since childhood along with her brother’s experiences. She is also speaking out about many of the psychic and paranormal events taking place in her family. Jean has been doing speaking engagements concerning her UFO investigations. She feels the need now to help to educate the public concerning what is really happening with the UFO phenomena. She is hoping to educate and help counsel others about the phenomena and the fact we are not alone! 

Jean started writing a cookbook titled “Out of This World Recipes.” She also has plans to write more books and continues to educate herself in the study of UFOs. She hopes by working with MUFON and other field investigators, and by doing research in this field, she will increase her knowledge base in these areas of study.

Topic: USOs in the Great Lakes

Bio: Debbie Ziegelmeyer was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has resided in Imperial, Missouri since 1968. She investigated MUFON’s first Star Team CMS case, and was appointed Missouri MUFON State Director in January 2009.  Debbie has been actively involved in independent UFO/Paranormal investigations for over 15 years and has been co-investigating with her brother Chuck Zukowski since 2001. 

She was a volunteer archeologist on both the 2002 and 2006 Roswell digs, appearing on the SCI-FI “Roswell Crash Startling New Evidence” special in 2002 and on NBC’s SCI-FI Investigates “Roswell Re-visited” in 2006. 

Debbie has been making speaking appearances at conferences across the country since 2002, and still has time to co-own and manage three businesses in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband, Wayne. Ziegelmeyer is a PADI Scuba Instructor who wrote and taught the first Underwater UFO/USO Search and Recovery Course in 2005. 

Debbie is a certified instructor in Deep Diving, Enriched Air, Wreck Diving, Night Diving, and several other specialties including Divers with Special Needs.  Debbie and her husband founded World of Water Foundation in 2007, which is dedicated to introducing veterans and children with special needs to the world underwater through scuba and snorkeling.

Debbie is currently working on MUFON UFO investigations in Missouri, and several independent investigations with her brother, Chuck Zukowski.

Debbie Ziegelmeyer serves on the  Board of Directors of International MUFON. Contact Debbie at


Joe Palermo

Topic: Two Women and a Map: Strange encounters on the road with Margie Kay and Jean Walker. The two women will present their own paranormal and ET encounters and the Joplin Spook Light, Cryptid creatures, UFO's, Men in Black, FBI surveillance, and a disappearing extraterrestrial while doing investigations in the state of Missouri. 

Bio: Margie Kay is a Paranormal and UFO Investigator, Remote Viewer, and author. She is clairsentient (feels), clairaudient (hears), clairvoyant (sees), and does remote viewing. She owns a construction company, a forensic investigation company, and is the publisher of Un-X News Media Publishing Company. Kay hosted Un-X News Radio Show for several years, where she interviewed international researchers and authors, and is now a popular radio show guest. 

Kay uses her natural remote viewing (RV) abilities to assist law enforcement, private investigators, and private individuals. She does not use CRV (Controlled Remove Viewing) as most others do that work in this field, having become proficient using her own methods. Margie has been instrumental in solving over 50 missing person, homicide, and theft cases using her unique remote viewing abilities, which she has honed over the years with amazing results. She has also worked as a private investigator for the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), where she learned some of the "normal" tricks of the trade.

Kay is the author of The Kansas City UFO Flaps; Gateway to the Dead: A Ghost Hunter's Field Guide; Haunted Independence; and 9 more books on various topics. She is working on a film documentary and three more books. Future titles will include such topics as remote viewing, law enforcement working with psychics, the Kansas City UFO Flap, and her autobiography.

Margie is the Director of Quest Paranormal Investigation Group and Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON. She has conducted over 1,100 paranormal and UFO investigations.  She uses standard scientific investigation methods and equipment for research, and relies on remote viewing to clarify what may have occurred.

Margie is also a UFO/ET experiencer and has had her own close encounters with UFOs and Extraterrestrials, which will be published soon in a new book.

Margie Kay has appeared on numerous radio programs including Jeff Rense, Jimmy Church, Alejandro Rojas, Joe Montaldo, Race Hobbs, Gil Wilson, and more. She has appeared on KMOX, WDAF, KCTV 5, Fox 4, and CNN. Margie was the subject of an episode of the Hangar 1 television show which covered her investigations in the Blue Springs Lights and an animal mutilation case in Missouri, and was in the pilot episode of the TV show, Strange. 

Dr. Emmett Reary

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