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Missouri UFOs in the News:

August 5, 2016: UFO Sightings Increase Across the State of Missouri
Missouri MUFON has recieved 54 sighting reports int he past 90 days involving multiple craft and witnesses. 

​August 5, 2016:
 Mysterious Light over the St. Louis Arch
 Fox 2 Now

​Tuesday, August 2, 2016:
Did you see the strange light above the Arch? Fox 2 Now 


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7/25/2016 ​Press Release: UFOs at the Lake of the Ozarks Multiple sightings of craft and orbs reported by witnesses over the past 2 1/2 months

​May 3, 2016: Huge UFO Over Cardinals Game in St. Louis, UFO Sightings Daily. A large UFO over a Cardinals game was photographed by a witness.

​​5/28/2015: Press Release: Kansas City Lights Continue
Multiple sightings of flashing multi-colored lights over the east parts of the city.continue for months.

​1/9/2015 Press Release: Close Encounter in Joplin
A commercial airline pilot and ex-police officer witness a huge UFO just feet above their heads.

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