7/25/2016 ​Press Release: UFOs at the Lake of the Ozarks Multiple sightings of craft and orbs reported by witnesses over the past 2 1/2 months

​May 3, 2016: Huge UFO Over Cardinals Game in St. Louis, UFO Sightings Daily. A large UFO over a Cardinals game was photographed by a witness.

​​5/28/2015: Press Release: Kansas City Lights Continue
Multiple sightings of flashing multi-colored lights over the east parts of the city.continue for months.

​1/9/2015 Press Release: Close Encounter in Joplin
A commercial airline pilot and ex-police officer witness a huge UFO just feet above their heads.


June 2019 UFO Sightings over Kansas City Remain Unexplained 

Multiple UFO reports were filed with the Mutual UFO Network during the week of June 20, 2019. We discussed these reports and showed video and still photographs of the objects, including new information about our video analysis.
The Kansas City Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network hosted a special Town Hall Meeting on July 15, 2018 at the Ararat Shrine Temple at 5100 Ararat Drive, Kansas City, Missouri in order to present information about the recent UFO sightings during the week of June 20, 2019.  150 people attended this special meeting. Several other UFO sightings were reported on the same day and sightings of
giant birds were also reported. It is unknown whether the birds are related to the UFOs.   

Missouri MUFON analyzed three videos submitted by witnesses to the objects over Kansas City on June 20 and found 20 other unidentified objects in the sky around the three large white objects. The video was analyzed frame by frame in order to see these other objects which were moving very fast. DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency)  released a statement which indicated they released three high-tech balloons on June 17, 2019, but witnesses said that the objects did not behave like balloons. Three objects remained in the sky over Kansas City for six hours, which is unusual behavior for balloons since balloons usually travel on prevailing winds.  MUFON continues to investigate this situation. 

To see more information and videos of these objects click on the links below: 

UFO Sightings Daily  KCTV5 Report  DARPA Press Release

​MO MUFON press release..   USA TODAY     Kansas City Star   KMBC 9 News  Fox 4 News Coverage of Meeting

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August 28, 2018: Multiple UFO sightings across eastern Jackson County- persons in Independence, Blue Springs, Sugar Creek, and Lee's Summit reported seeing small to very large UFOs in different shapes and sizes between 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm, right after a major rain storm. Margie Kay and Jean Walker also saw several unidentified objects. Most of the objects appeared for only 1-2 seconds, then dissappeared. It is theorized by some that these objects were some of the so-called "Fast-Movers" as these types of very fast-moving UFOs have become known. Please report any sightings to www.mufon.com and Margie Kay at margiekay06@yahoo.com

April 2012- Present: The Kansas City Lights UFOs have been reported by multiple witnesses in the Greater Kansas City area. These as-yet-unidentified objects often appear to look like very bright planets but move across the skies throughout the evening in a different pattern. Some of them have been seen to shoot across the sky or straight down and back again very quickly. They often remain for hours on end, then disappear.  The objects flash three very bright colors (usually red, white blue) in approximately .33 second intervals. They are best viewed with high-powered binoculars. Some people have flashed high-powered flashlights at the objects and the objects reacted by flaring up. 

Close-up photo of one object. Photo submitted by witness


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August 5, 2016: UFO Sightings Increase Across the State of Missouri
Missouri MUFON has recieved 54 sighting reports in the past 90 days involving multiple craft and witnesses. 

​August 5, 2016:
 Mysterious Light over the St. Louis Arch
 Fox 2 Now

​Tuesday, August 2, 2016:
Did you see the strange light above the Arch? Fox 2 Now