Huge UFO Spotted over KC on February 6, 2020

A huge unidentified flying object was spotted over Kansas City, Missouri at 7:45 pm on February 6, 2020. 
Missouri MUFON Assistant State Director Margie Kay went out for a few minutes at 7:45 pm and noticed a huge craft west of her position at 23rd Street and Noland Road in Independence. It appeared like the object was only a mile away and larger than a 747. There were brilliant white lights all over the craft and one red light on the left side. The lights were reflecting off of shiny silver metal which appeared to be in a cigar shape.
At first, Kay thought it was a plane landing at the Downtown Kansas City airport, and it would have needed to turn in order to do so, but soon realized that it was flying very low - at approximately 2,000 feet or lower and slow-moving from North to South at it was gigantic. It did not turn in the direction (west) it would have needed to land.
The object then either disappeared or turned all of its lights out before Kay could obtain video. Margie immediately called Jean Walker, KC Section Director for Missouri MUFON, and found that she had just seen the same object in the western skies from her position at 57th and Sterling Avenue, which is two miles closer to the object. Both women observed the object for 20-30 seconds.
With this information from the two locations, the investigators have determined that the object was approximately three miles from 23rd and Noland Rd in Independence, making it absolutely huge - perhaps four or five times the size of a commercial airliner.
Other witnesses: Two other witness from Blue Springs, including a MUFON investigator, and one witness from Sugar Creek also reported seeing the same object on the same night at approximately the same time. Another witness who was at 40 Hwy and Sterling saw an object of the exact same description and location on Monday, February 10. 

Kansas City MUFON is investigating this case and would like to hear from other persons who may have seen this object. Please contact Margie Kay at 816-833-1602 or or Jean Walker at

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