MUFON Contacts

For Field Investigators Only

For State Business: EAST:Debbie Ziegelmeyer, State Director

WEST: Margie Kay, Assistant State Director

United States Field Investigation General Business, Certification Process,
Training - Douglas Wilson, Director of Investigations

International Field Investigation General Business - Robert Spearing,
Director of Investigations for International

Membership, Advertising, Certification Status, - Hannah Trimble, Office

MUFON University Helpdesk - James Millard -

Executive business - David MacDonald -

Must-Have Apps for your Phone:
(Get on the App store or Google Play)

Flight Radar 24
SkyView or Sky Map
Earth (Google Earth)
Daff Moon (moon phases)
Air Traffic
ISS Detector
EMF Recorder (it works!) Measures electro-magnetic fields
Gauss Meter (it works, too! Measures magnetic fields)

We are compiling information for field investigators on this page. This is a collaborative effort among FIs from Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Illinois, and neighboring states.
Please send any links or items you would like to have included to:

Resources for Field Investigators

See what the B-2 looks like

TV Shows to Watch

On Netflix:
Berkshires UFO
Unsolved Mysteries 2020

Hangar 1

IBDB Network: on Amazon FIRE:
On the Trail of UFOs
UFOs The Lost Evidence 2017-2019

History Channel:
Ancient Aliens


The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch


Gaia TV and Articles:

See what the Starlink Satellites look like

Video of a weather balloon launch, taken at the National Weather Service office in Green Bay, WI. Attached to the balloon is the actual instrument called a radiosonde. The radiosonde measures temperature, pressure, and humidity; the instrument is tracked so that wind speed and direction can also be measured. This video was shot in 2002.

Must - Have Equipment for Field Investigations:

  • Full-Spectrum Video camera or Night-Vision video camera
  • Night-vision Monocular or binoculars (preferably with camera)
  • K\2 EMF Meter
  • Tri-Field Meter
  • Compass (a real one, not on your phone)
  • Altimeter
  • Inclinometer
  • Evidence collection kit ( you can buy one from our lab)
  • FLIR Thermal camera with sd card
  • Geiger Counter


Also see our LINKS page

MADAR: Check your sighting reports against MADARdata to see if there is a hit at the same time. 

Travel Math: find the best information about airports near a sighting location on this site

ISS Tracker - historical locations

Law Enforcement Agencies in Missouri

Metadata2go: Get Metadata from Video or Photos

Find out exactly where and what time a video or photo was taken. Invaluable for investigations! 

Flight Radar 24:
A paid subscription service that shows the history of anything airborne including planes, helicopters, and balloons. If you need someone to look this up several of us have a subscription. Send a request to Margie Kay or Larry Tyree. 

See sites around the world live:

Info about SpaceX:

Whats in Space: See where all space objects are located:

All about Space and a live feed from the ISS:

Weather Balloon Information from the National Weather Service:

Twice a day, every day of the year, weather balloons are released simultaneously from almost 900 locations worldwide! This includes 92 released by the National Weather Service in the US and its territories. The balloon flights last for around 2 hours, can drift as far as 125 miles away, and rise up to over 100,000 ft. (about 20 miles) in the atmosphere. The balloons, which start out measuring about 6 ft. wide before release, expand as they rise to about 20 ft. in diameter.

UFO Sentineltakes UFO reports online. Investigators should check this site for any correlating reports.

National UFO Reporting Center takes UFO reports online. Investigators should check this site for any correlating reports.

Information about Whiteman AFB