February 6, 2020: Huge UFO spotted over KC by ASD Margie Kay, KC Section Director Jean Walker, and Field Investigator Wayne Lawrence from three different locations.  The craft was estimated to be 100' in length. It was flying low in the sky from North to South very slowly and had multiple bright white lights and one red light. The object appeared to be a shiny silver color. Contact Assistant State Director Margie Kay for more information. 816-833-1602​

Close-up photo of one object over KC on 6/20/2019. Photo submitted by witness

7/1/2020 Press Release: Missouri MUFON Hosts Skywatch for World UFO Day

August 5, 2016:UFO Sightings Increase Across the State of Missouri
Missouri MUFON has recieved 54 sighting reports in the past 90 days involving multiple craft and witnesses. 

​August 5, 2016:
 Mysterious Light over the St. Louis Arch
 Fox 2 Now

​Tuesday, August 2, 2016:
Did you see the strange light above the Arch? Fox 2 Now 

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7/25/2016 ​Press Release: UFOs at the Lake of the Ozarks Multiple sightings of craft and orbs reported by witnesses over the past 2 1/2 months

​May 3, 2016: Huge UFO Over Cardinals Game in St. Louis, UFO Sightings Daily. A large UFO over a Cardinals game was photographed by a witness.

​​​5/28/2015: Press Release: Kansas City Lights Continue
Multiple sightings of flashing multi-colored lights over the east parts of the city.continue for months.

​1/9/2015 Press Release: Close Encounter in Joplin
A commercial airline pilot and ex-police officer witness a huge UFO just feet above their heads.

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August 28, 2018: Multiple UFO sightings across eastern Jackson County- persons in Independence, Blue Springs, Sugar Creek, and Lee's Summit reported seeing small to very large UFOs in different shapes and sizes between 6:00 pm and 8:30 pm, right after a major rain storm. Margie Kay and Jean Walker also saw several unidentified objects. Most of the objects appeared for only 1-2 seconds, then dissappeared. It is theorized by some that these objects were some of the so-called "Fast-Movers" as these types of very fast-moving UFOs have become known. Please report any sightings to www.mufon.com and Margie Kay at margiekay06@yahoo.com

April 2012- Present: The Kansas City Lights UFOshave been reported by multiple witnesses in the Greater Kansas City area. These as-yet-unidentified objects often appear to look like very bright planets but move across the skies throughout the evening in a different pattern or remain the same location for hours. Some of them have been seen to shoot across the sky or straight down and back again very quickly. They often remain for hours on end, then disappear.  The objects flash three very bright colors (usually red, white blue) in approximately .33 second intervals. They are best viewed with high-powered binoculars. Some people have flashed high-powered flashlights at the objects and the objects reacted by flaring up. Visit the Facebook Group The Fast Movers for more information.