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The Missouri MUFON Laboratory

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Laboratory Current Capabilities and Future Growth Needs

The MUFON of Missouri Laboratory has been a work in progress since 2015, and has been dependent on the donations of our members as well as on large purchases by our State director Debbie Ziegelmeyer. The lab analyzes samples for MUFON only. 

The lab director/chief analyst Lynne Mann has managed to purchase a few small things and does the work for no charge as her contribution to the Lab.

We currently able to do light microscopy work (Electron Microscope funding is out of reach for us at present) on any cellular structures or plant and animal tissues found in the field. We can do metals testing on our forensic microscope which has two regular microscope stages as well as a metals stages and comparison stages for bullets etc. Samples can be photographed side by side for comparing marks, surface crystalline structures and content, or other visible similarities.

Our latest purchase is an AutoGen Mini 80 which is a DNA extractor. This extractor can extract from bodily fluids, or even touch DNA although the touch DNA will require major PCR (polymerize chain reaction) work to amplify it for translation. Lynne Mann has extracted her own cheek cells using the old methods and will be now moving on to using the automated method. These new methods as well as PCR and DNA translation are being monitored and by an outside college trained DNA specialist/consultant to assure proper testing protocols and to double check that the results are up to DNA extraction and testing standards.

We are also capable of testing soil samples for biological or mineral content.  Most evidence analytical testing methods for forensic samples can now be done in this lab. Should we receive any sample that we do not have the methods to study we will advise what needs to be done and send them back to the investigator or State Director of that state. Proper forensic handling procedure and paperwork will accompany any sample sent to or from, our lab (chain of custody etc.).

This lab was setup with the purpose of helping the research efforts of MUFON everywhere and has already done work for several states and one other country (privacy precludes us stating which ones without permission of the investigators and state or countries involved) Your samples will be subjected to the same privacy as any other samples.

 The lab is still in need of small samples of metals. They are needed as reference samples for the Metallurgy Microscope. Any samples donated will need to have the alloy number for each sample enclosed with it. Should anyone know of a set of already fabricated as reference samples that can be donated that would be helpful too. We can also use a Thermomixer. At present we are using an ice bucket and hot water bath to set up samples for the PCR Thermocycler. This method works but the Thermomixer would be more efficient. We are currently on the list for donations from AMGEN for when they donate used equipment to nonprofit laboratories, however we are unaware when they will have things available. The most currently needed items are the metal samples, specifically an assortment of aluminum alloy samples but we would welcome other metals as well.


​Bio for Lynne E. Mann:

Lynne holds two degrees an Associate in Science and Certificate in Electron Microscopy (Biological) from San Joaquin Delta College, California and a Bachelor of Science in Digital Animation from Missouri College, St. Louis. She is proficient in two computer programming languages and several computer programs.

Her professional accomplishments include a Senior Lab Technician at Bethesda Eye Institute in St. Louis MO, Senior Research Technician II at St Louis Health Sciences Center, Physical Materials Analyst in charge of the Electron Microscopy Department at Industrial Testing Labs, St Louis Missouri. She has a Certification on the JOEL 1200 EX Electron Microscope from Joel Main Office, Boston MA, a Certificate in Autoradiography for EM from Woods Hole Research Center, Woods Hole MA, a Certificate in Cryo-Scanning in an Electron Microscope from SEEMS Charleston, SC. This training has made her proficient in a vast number of laboratory techniques and on numerous types of equipment.

At present she is a Volunteer for MUFON where she holds several positions: Field Investigator, Star Team Member, SAT, State Section Director and Chief Analyst at the MUFON of Missouri Laboratory.

Her further interests have made her qualified in disaster training and moulage for training disasters for medical and military personal, ordination as a minister at a Northern Arizona Metaphysical church. She is also certified in Crystal therapy. She was honored to be the first driver guard/crew chief for Purolator Security in Tucson, Arizona.

She also does beading artwork on leather and other mediums and creates glass bead artwork using gas torches and kiln work.