Spectacular Video of an Object Over Springfield, Missouri is Determined to be a UFO

 Electrical engineer Justin Johnson of Springfield was headed home from work on October 18, 2021 when he spotted an unusual object in the sky flying southwest, then change direction northwest. He stopped to take video of the object, which appears to be a spinning cube-shaped UFO.

Justin Johnson reported his sighting of this strange object and submitted the 70-second video which was taken at approximately 5:05 pm to Missouri MUFON. State Section Director James Bair is the lead investigator on the case, with assistance from Margie Kay, Assistant State Director. Wayne Lawrence, Chief Investigator, did the video analysis of the object.

After checking with Flight Radar 24 for any planes or helicopters in the air at the time the video was taken James determined that there were none. He also checked for local balloon launches and bird migrations, but there were none. James stated that he does not believe this object appeared to be any type of drone, balloon, or kite.

Margie Kay spoke to a 20-year veteran who designed drones for the military. He stated that it would be nightmare to try to create a drone that spins, and that it is highly unlikely that the object in question was a drone.

Wayne Lawrence did a careful analysis of the object and has determined that the object rotates in several different directions along its X and Y axis making 3 revolutions per second, or about 180 rpm, and at times two or three exact duplicate objects appear in the video. The sky is clear, and the sun reflects off of the object. Using Trigonometry and the known angle and likely location over the regional airport, Wayne was able to determine the size of the object to be approximately 87 feet in width (roughly the length of a regional airliner) and the altitude at 15,000 feet near the airport.

MUFON investigators continue to investigate this case and ask that anyone with video footage of this object to either file a report at www.mufon.com or contact ASD Margie Kay at 816-365-9492 or momufonasd@gmail.com. Witnesses may remain anonymous.